Red Tail Woodworks

woodworking with the heart and the hands

In the Community

Here are a few ways Red Tail Woodworks
is meeting needs in the community...

Providing a holistic approach to teaching woodworking

Living a life that is connected with the Creator is at the core of what we are about.  Sociologists today tell us that we are living in the “Information Age” and it’s not hard to see that these cultural values have affected our lives, especially our young people.  A Red Tail woodworking class can offer a person a deeper exposure and appreciation for the way we use our wood resources today.  It also offers a student an opportunity to reflect on their life, and spirituality.  We want to help students make a connection between their hands, hearts, creation and the creator. 


Providing valuable training and confidence building

Many of the woodworking programs that were once common in our schools are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. The opportunities for students to learn how to work with their hands, in school, are few and far between. In a time where we are experiencing economic challenges, a Red Tail woodworking class can provide a student with some valuable training that will empower them to accomplish some things for themselves-with their own hands.


Providing a positive woodworking experience

In our community, you will notice that there are not many places where a person can gain exposure to woodworking.  Unfortunately most young people today will never have the opportunity to experience the joy of creating something with their hands in public or private schools.  The opportunities are not there. 

Providing a deeper understanding of how to use our resources in a good way that honors our Creator

We live in a time where all of us are becoming more aware of the environmental challenges that are before us.  A Red Tail woodworking class will offer a student a holistic perspective and appreciation for the resources that we have been given.


Providing a positive space for people to grow together

These classes or programs provide a non-threatening environment for people to connect with one another. They also provide opportunities for students to learn how to cooperate and work together.

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