Red Tail Woodworks

woodworking with the heart and the hands


Workshop Topics and Core Values

Besides teaching woodworking skills, our goal is to teach these workshops in a way that provides an opportunity for a student to explore and develop the following character qualities:

            Practical math skills

            Skills that develop hand-eye coordination




            Respect for creation

            Respect for Creator


            Coping with mistakes

Structure of Class
Our workshops are taught as one day seminars.  Each class session is divided into three parts. Part one begins by gathering together in a circle where students check in with each other.  The instructor will offer a few discussion questions that are intended to help a student make the connection between values and character qualities to woodworking.  Part two, or shop-time, begins with the instructor offering a practical demonstration of a tools and procedures for the students to observe. After the demonstration, students are free to work on their projects.  Part three, comes after shop time as the class re-gathers as a group to debrief together on what they learned or experienced during class.

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