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woodworking with the heart and the hands


About Red Tail Woodworks
We love watching the process as our students grow in their woodworking skills!  At the end of each semester, when each of them show off their projects at the end of class, it's that look of pride and deep satisfaction that makes what we do completely worth while.  Every student who completes a Red Tail class comes away with a project that they have made with their own hands.  And this project will serve as a lasting reminder of the good lessons that they have learned while they cut, sanded and assembled their piece of art.  We are intentional about helping our students make the connection between their heart and their hands as they work on their projects.  We teach that the creation around us should be highly valued, and not something to be exploited or used irresponsibly.  We value the Creation because the Creator values it!  

Our Founder's Story

Bruce Crawford is originally from Southern California and he has been working with wood his whole life.  Over the span of the last twenty years Bruce has worked as a youth pastor, teacher, carpenter and building contractor.  In 2004, his brother, Sergeant Brad Crawford was killed in the line of duty, which prompted Bruce and his family to relocate to Clark County.  The healing process is slow, however, as the years have passed new direction and vision for Bruce have begun to emerge.  Red Tail Woodworks is his way of doing something positive for the community.

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Our Goals

Our goal is to teach students practical woodworking skills in a way that helps them discover a deeper sense of themselves, their Creator, and their relationship with nature.
We are committed to seeing our students gain valuable woodworking skills while promoting both character and spiritual growth through the process of building something with their own hands.

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